Privet Capital moves with speed and flexibility: swiftly appraising opportunities, arranging flexible investment packages and working with best-in-class management.
  This is our typical approach:
We look to invest £1m - £10m into companies with £10m - £200m turnover in most sectors.
An initial high-level appraisal is undertaken to identify, usually within 24hours, whether a feasible investment opportunity exists.
If so, deeper analysis is carried out combining strategic growth potential principles and operational assessments from experienced financial and operational professionals. This creates a case-specific investment thesis.
Privet Capital will then make a funding proposal, typically within days of receiving the initial information. The available funding is highly flexible, allowing bespoke solutions and can include:
  an entirely new structure to buy the business or
  buying into or supporting an existing structure using any form of financial instrument.
We then work with the other stakeholders and advisors to confirm and develop our plan and thesis, including getting the right structure and team, and arranging any other funding required.
This is concluded by delivering the transaction.
Once the investment is complete we will partner with the management team to develop growth strategies and operational improvements.

Target Companies

Companies in need of Operational Restructuring

Strong underlying product/business but scope for system improvement, an improved strategy or help with implementation.

Incumbent Funders/Owners

Corporates, Banks, Mezzanine Funds, Hedge Funds, Asset Based Lenders, PE Houses.